23 July 2015

Holy Moly

We now have a 4 year old in the house!  What?!

Our boy's 4th birthday was small and sweet.  He was so overwhelmed at all the presents he got, he didn't know what to play with first and, over the course of a week, had several meltdowns.  Just too much was going on, the excitement, the tiredness.

Now, we're making fun stuff with playdough, k-nex, lego, going for rides on the bike (which now has trainer-wheels off), and running around being crazy, busy, us.


09 July 2015


I have carved feather quills, 

and practiced lettering with said feather quills,

sewn a pair of togs (a swimsuit for those wondering what togs are, and no, I don't think I'll share a photo of them ON),  I'm trying to figure out how to take a photo of them without making them look so huge.  *shudder*

I've laughed at how much my boy has grown up (4yrs old next week), in a moment of tantrum he told me I had lost the privilege of taking him to the playground - that only Dad can do that now,

drawn zentangles and koi for my up-and-coming coloring-in book,

won a cute little embroidered hoop from Katiedidandco.  It is so cute.  Seriously, check out her shop.

I have considered how I'm going to film some quick crochet tutorials, then upload them to you-tube, this could be fun (or terrible),

wondering how to eat healthier, get fitter and (it feels, most importantly) lose weight,

getting terribly discouraged at the numbers on the scale (after trying),

also wondering if that's too much information,

working on holding the phone less and spending more face to face time with my awesome son.  Suddenly the phone isn't so important and I'm getting bored of it quickly.  I think that's a good thing.

Thank you for visiting or following my little blog!  You guys are gems!


26 June 2015

Crochet, knitting and zentangles

A little while back I crocheted a hottie-cover for my hottie.  We really don't have a big need for hotties here in the Arizona summer, but now at least it has a cover over it for when I do need to use it.

I made-up the pattern as I went: starting with a sc square and sewing up the edges in a join-as-you-go method, then crocheting around and around and around, decreasing at the 'shoulders' and finishing at the top.  The gap big enough for an empty water bottle to squash through.  Easy as pie.

We went for a tiki-tour one evening, just a drive, for no reason other than to look around.  I came prepared with my knitting needles and big ball of t-shirt yarn.

My husband introduced me to an app call Periscope.  You can film yourself live from your phone and broadcast it to anyone else in the world who has the app.  Your followers get a notification when you're online and can watch, comment and 'like' your video.

I tried it out, by drawing this zentangle.  If you want to follow, I'm on there as @hollybaeb.

I finished the tiki-tour knitting a couple of days later.  It's such a pretty texture!  There's a large image at the bottom of this post for you to download free for a desktop background.  It's so nice to look at I just had to share.

Yesterday, I was procrasting.  The only thing is, I'm not sure what I was supposed to be doing...

Also, yesterday, I decided to begin a new project; how about I make my own coloring-in book?  And also make it available to you?  Oh, alright, then.

Free download for personal use only:  A photography by me, of my own knitting.  All you need to do is right-click on the image and view full size, or open in a new tab. I think from there you should be able to download it by 'copy and paste'ing into 'Paint' and save to your desktop.  Then click on that thumbnail on your desktop and click on 'set as desktop background'.



23 June 2015

I found my (blogging) mojo!

I decided to go back to etsy recently.  The other online shop I had was costing me more than I was making, so I'm sure I've done the right thing.

I've been knitting and crocheting and sewing, hole punching and painting.

A couple of these have sold already, but I always have something in the pipeline...


08 June 2015

Practice makes prettier

Some of these are available to purchase in my online shop, www.hollymayb.bigcartel.com and I'd love to hear from you if you'd like something special hand-written.


27 May 2015

The latest makings...

For years (at least 2) I have been dreaming of a work-horse sewing machine, and recently my dream came true!

My first project was simple: bias binding, then sew it onto my favorite 'blankie'.

I bought some leather machine needles because my next project will be a simple little purse made from hair-on leather.  Leather that I've also had my eye on for a loooong time, but being sold in the US, I had to wait until I got here.  And, I'm planning on making a bright and simple quilt for our own bed in pastels: blue, coral, grey, yellow, white.

My machine needs a pretty quilted cover too, so I might have a go at paper piecing with a pattern or two of Juliet's, The Tartan Kiwi.  I really like the Swallow or the Tomtit, but I wonder if there is a better one to sew for a beginner paper-piecer?

I've been knitting cushion covers.  I love how quickly these knit up on my 12mm circular, pretty, green, aluminium needles.  I love the simplicity of the knitting texture.

A GIANT blanket, oh-so-soft, and in the photo, unfinished.  I finished it last night and will be listing it in my shop once I get a couple of pretty photos of it.  The pattern for this is designed by Goodknits and can be found here to purchase.  She has designed quite a few really pretty patterns!


21 May 2015

Making home feel like home

I was recently told about the 'Starter Stories' project by Compass, a company that specializes in helping people find their perfect home.  They wanted to hear about what I did to make our first home in the US feel like home, so I thought I'd 'paint a picture' of what I did....

Last year, I knew it was coming that I would only be able to take a small few things with me when we moved - I had to choose carefully and considerately about what to bring, what to leave, what can I live without, what can I 'just go buy on a very tight budget' when we get there, and most importantly: what can I bring that is going to make home feel like home for each one of us?

When we got to our apartment, I began.

Bunting (a garland/banner/flags).  Makes a big bare wall, warm and inviting.

Kiwiana tea-towels I bought from local gift-shops before we left.

Our favorite blankets.

Artwork (by me) in the lounge, dining room.

Drawings from a friend, stuck on the dining room wall.

My own favorite tea-towels.  Just because!

My son's special toys and special gifts from special people.

A special wedding photo of ours.

Crochet coasters I made last year.

My favorite pillowcase.

So, here are just a few ways I made our little apartment feel like home, thus far.  Some things are 'just stuff' but some things have a lot of sentimental value for us.

I do make new things for my home often and I always share what I'm 'currently-making' on my Instagram account.  I'd love to hear from you if you're stuck with ideas of how to make your home feel like home, just comment below.

Do you have any more ideas on how to make the most of what you have to make home feel like home?